About Me

Welcome to Finding Home! Here's a little background about the place. I started this blog as 20SomethingDesigns in November of 2010. I eventually got the hang of this whole blogging thing and started expanding my blogging topics. So I decided to do a little renaming. 20SomethingDesigns just didn't fit anymore. It didn't feel right to me. So I thought about it and decided on Finding Home.
Why Finding Home?
Here's the background on the hubs and me.
I grew up in the DFW metroplex my WHOLE life.
Hubs? Grew up in East Texas and DFW.
I moved to Tyler, Tx my freshman year of college.
My roommate at the time had a then boyfriend (now they are happily married and expecting their first child!). One day he brought a friend home.
I thought this friend was kinda cute.
So Roomie and I forced the guys to take us out to dinner one night.
Cute guy and I really hit it off. Stayed up way too late talking and fell in love.
Cute guy and I moved to Dallas for a year, we visited East Texas at LEAST once a month.
Decided we wanted to move back east.
So we did... for 2 and a half years anyway.
Now Cute guy and I are married and headed BACK to DFW.
We're trying to "find home"
East Texas? DFW? Who knows... we're taking it one day at a time right now...
Another reason I decided on "Finding Home" is because I'm still in my 20's and don't really know my style yet. On top of that I'm styling for two now. (Hubs is picky when it comes to decorating!)
I'm a little bit country...

a little bit rock and roll

and a little retro!

You might have noticed that hottie next to me. That would be cute guy! My husband and best friend. I love him soooo much. We've been together for almost 4 years now and married for a little over 2. I can't fathom a world without him.

We do not have and "children" YET but we do have our 4 legged babies!

Hemi Cuda (Born Christmas Eve 2007)

Deuce Coup (Born October 10th, 2008)

Over all I'm a down home, sweet tea drinkin', fried chicken lovin', t-shirt and jeans wearin', good 'ol southern girl! I love my family more than they will ever know and would do anything for them!

I hope you stick around on this crazy ride that I call life. It sure would be a pleasure to have ya!
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