Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Painting Counter Tops: Complete Tutorial

So before I give you the reveal I'm going to do ONE HUGE TUTORIAL!
So here it goes!

DAY 1:
I don't know if any have you have ever noticed or not when I've showed pictures of my kitchen... but my counter tops are 3 shades of ugly...

No they don't match... there is THREE different types of laminate in here?!?!
So I'm gonna remedy this problem!

Step One: Remove EVERYTHING off the counter tops
Step Two: Clean them REALLY well! {I used Mrs. Meyers in Lemon Verbena- it smells D-E-V-I-N-E}

Step Three: Tape off your counters, and sink. I kinda skimped on this. Since I'm using the same base color as my walls I only had to tape of the sink!

Step Four: Bust out the paint and get to painting. The base coat I'm using is the same color as my walls. {Which is good ol' fashioned Wal-Mart paint! Color: Cottonwood}

I painted two coats {letting them dry in between}

Already looking better and right now it's just beige and boring! Let it dry over night!

DAY 2:
Here comes the fun!

Step One: Turn on the radio to your favorite channel!
Step Two: Tape off your walls, cabinets, and sink.

Step Three: Gather Supplies
  • Gloves
  • Paint (I used Apple Barrel: Black, Antique White, and Burnt Umber Americana: Antique Maroon and Craft Smart: Tan)
  • A Styrofoam Plate
  • Tooth Brushes (one for each color paint you use, plus about five more... just in case they break)

Step Four: Pour a bit of each color onto the Styrofoam plate.
Step Five: Dip the tooth brush into a paint color.

Step Six: While holding the brush in one hand, lightly pull back on the top.

Step Seven: RELEASE!

Step Eight: Continue steps 5 - 8 using all of the different colors until you achieve desired effect.
{Preferably while dancing around like a complete lunatic to your favorite music... Trust me it looks better}

DAY 3:
Step One: Lightly spray the counter tops with Rustoleum American Accents Stone Spray Paint. {I used the color Sienna Stone} I went over the counter tops lightly to add some dimension.

{It looks splotchy in this pic for some reason. It's really not}

Step Two: Let the stone spray paint dry {for about 2 hours}.

Step Three: Next I layered on the Polyurethane. I used Minwax brand Fast Drying Polyurethane. I put on each coat with a soft bristle brush. {I did about 5 coats of Poly to make sure it was good and durable- Letting them dry in between coats.} 

{Check out that Microwave Reflection!}

{My bowl of eggs from MommaHen <3 Them!}

Check out that shine! I now have beautiful, matching, SHINY counter tops! And all for under $50!

I'm linking this tutorial up to the DIY Monthly Project! {Link up your project here}


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  1. Brooke, your countertops look a thousand times improved now! Wow, never would have thought you could achieve such a spectacular change for less than 50 bucks! Enjoy them! :)

  2. I can't believe you got those kind of results with walmart and craft paint. Incredible! It looks one hundred times better. Love it!

  3. Spectacular! What a wonderful countertop. I need to do this with my laminate! ;) Great, great job!

  4. Wow, huge improvement!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just can't get over how authentic these look! One of these day's I will get around to doing the same thing to mine because they look amazing. Great job!

  6. Oh my goodness they look fantastic! Great job. I know it was alot of work but it looks awesome now.

  7. Thank you all for the sweet comments! It's amazing what a little money and effort can do!

  8. Those look great! And for less than 50 dollars?! Wow!

  9. that is quite the transformation!! I know you are loving having matching countertops now :)
    thanks for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures!

  10. Super job!
    These before and after pictures are WORLDS APART!
    You'll have to do a post later on down the line and let us know how this technique holds up! I've seen others and they've used different products, so there are different ways to accomplish this. I soooo want to do it...
    So you let us know, um-kay?

    I think it looks WONDERFUL!

    -- Pat

  11. Wow, that is way much better! How awesome that it only cost $50. Love it!

  12. I featured you! Come grab a button!

  13. I am SOOOO impressed by you! I have been dying to re-do the counter/cabinet in my bathroom, and I think I might just get over that hump and do it, all thanks to you!

  14. I'd like to know how they hold up?

  15. Gorgeous! Love the color you chose. I am sure if one doesn't use abrasive cleaner, or use the counter as a cutting board, this will last a long time. Nice thing about it is.. it was cost effective, and if needed or wanted, over time it can be changed.

  16. For the cost it's SO worth trying. Even in a rent house, anyting to help make the place look better and possible bring in more $$ the landlord will love.


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