Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 5 Projects of 2010

I've only been blogging since mid-November but here are my top 5 post for this year!

Thank you all for your continued support! I love hearing from you all! Here's to 2011 being even better than 2010!

And here are my New Years Resolution!
  1. Get Organized
  2. Repaint the living room and dining room walls
  3. Touch-up paint the ENTIRE house
  4. Pay off my credit cards! (They are currently in the freezer in a cup of ice so that I can't use them!)
  5. Update the kitchen coutnertops
  6. Paint the front and back doors of the house (I'm thinking Red)
That's it for now but I'm sure the list will keep growing... That doesn't include all the crafts I want to get done!
  1. Make slipcovers for the couches
  2. Update our Bedroom
  3. Make Curtains
  4. Update/ Finish the Sunroom

Sarah's First of the Month Project will be posted on Monday!!! Y'all stay tuned it's a great idea for New Years!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This post is not for the faint of heart...

The following post may disgust you! It may embarrass you to know me! Or we could all become closer because I'm being honest :-)
(P.S. Welcome to all of my new followers!!! Please don't be scared off yet!)

The following is pictures of my house RIGHT now...


Dining Room

Guest Bathroom

Not too bad right?
Well let's see what's behind door number 1!

"linen" closet

Want to know why you've never seen the computer room?

Yeah, Mr. G says this is his "shed"... Not anymore sucka!

Master Bedroom

(My Side) Okay I won't lie... I moved my tea glass from the night before :-)

(His Side)


I know! Gross right?!?! Okay so it's not dirty... There's just crapola EVERYWHERE! It's quite a hot mess right now! This is what happens when you start to clean and all you really do is systematically move things out of sight... (from guest anyway) You don't actually put them where they go! So what is my New Years Resolution? Clean and organize my ENTIRE home (in 21 days to be exact)! How am I going to do that?!?! With the help of A Bowl Full of Lemons! Yup I'm taking the plunge! Wish me luck!!! Lord knows I need it!

Monday, December 27, 2010

PB Knock-off!

Hello!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! I know I did! I've missed y'all though! I'm happy to be back and with a fun Pottery Barn knock-off to boot! While out shopping with my momma she found this little guy at Target.

The little guy on the top right corner.

Cute but not exactly what Mom and I were thinking for a gift.

So I took the little guy home and got to painting! First I primed him with some flat white paint. (By "I" I mean my hubs G ;-) )

Then I used my Cricut and some vinyl to cut out a bunch of circles and 2 "N"'s. I stuck them on him and painted him black. It took a couple coats of the black but once he was covered I let him dry completely!

Next I took off the vinyl, painted his eyes and nose back on, shot a couple coats of clear sealer on him and he was done!

(He kinda looks tired! Or high! Lol)

Not Exactly the same but I think he turned out cute! And a hole heck-of-a-lot cheaper! 

Here are some pics from Christmas with the in-laws! I don't have any from the other Christmas get-together that we had.
 (Family feel free to e-mail me some of those!)

(May, G, and Me)

(Me and D, Can you believe he's only 16?!?!?! This right here is the next Dirk Nowitzki! We call him the man child!)

(MIL and SIL)

(Big G and Grandad!)

Hope you all had a joyful holiday season!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;
The spirit of Christmas which is peace;
The heart of Christmas which is love.
Ada V. Hendricks

Love, 20 Something!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Years Day Tradition

Sadly I can't show you all what I've been working on because one of my readers is getting it for CHRISTMAS!!!  :-(  I appreciate that my family supports my blog but sometimes it stinks because I want to show you all my wonderful crafts... Sooooooooo today I will share with you the hubs and my New Years Day holiday tradition!

Okay so last year was our FIRST year doing this but whatev! It's a new tradition... that we're sticking too!

So last year on New Years Day we got up kinda early (like 8 or 9) WHAT?!?!?! THAT'S EARLY FOR A 20 SOMETHING!

Anyways.... We filled up the car with gas and got to driving! We had no destination in mind! We just got in and took off east! I wanted to see the mountains! So we hopped on I-30 and headed to Arkansas! Well since I had never been to Arkansas before and I thought that since their slogan is "The Natural State"  once we crossed the border it would be like


Well.... That's not the case... So we kept driving a little further... and a little further... and a little further... I kept saying "okay just over this hill we'll see mountains." or "Just around this curve and we'll see them" Yeah... Didn't happen. So Mr. G got the BRIGHT idea "Let's go to Louisiana!" So what do we do? We turn south! Onto some little 2 lane highway that took us to Louisiana. And guess what?!?!

It was a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l drive! We came through a bunch of cute towns that were not "interstate highway" towns with Wal-Mart's and Target's and Applebee's and T.G.I.F's... They were quaint towns with mom and pop shops and bakeries! Just what I LOVE! So here are some pics from our drive.

{isn't it beautiful?}

{this WAS a road... it's not a lake or pond}

 {The picture does not do this sunset justice}

This was our drive. Over 500 Miles and 3 States! In ONE day! We had a great time! I don't think we listened to the radio once during that drive. We talked, re-connected, laughed, reminisced, and had fun. This year we plan to do it again! Do we know where we will end up? No. Will we find cute towns and two lane highways to travel? Absolutely. Will we fall in love all over again as we discover new places together? Without a doubt...

This year start a new family tradition! Fill up the car with gas and go! You never know what you may find!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I love when my house smells like trash...

WHAT?!?! Yes! I love when my house smells like trash! That's how I know Christmas is near! Okay you all must think I'm CrAzY! And although I might be a little nutty I'm not talking about the trash that you throw away or put in a trash can (Although my mom has a large popcorn tin that is called the "Trash Can") Trash is a secret family recipe for chex mix! (Saying secret family recipe makes me think of Busch's Baked Beans... If only I had a talking dog!) It is sooooo yummy! We have it EVERY year around Christmas! Right after Thanksgiving my brother "Tom" is usually begging my mom to make it! So here's the recipe...

1 Box Rice Chex
1 Box Wheat Chex
1 Box Corn Chex
1 Bag of Pretzels
1 Box Cheerios
1 Jar of Peanuts
1 Jar of Mixed Nuts (It calls for Pecans but Mom and I like the mixed nuts better, + they are cheaper)

Mix all of that together and divide between 2 large baking dishes (I get the aluminum foil roasting pans)

Next Melt 1/4 Cup of Butter and 1/2 Cup of bacon grease
Add 1 Tbsp Savory Seasoning
3 Tbsp of Tabasco
3 Tbsp Worcheshire

Pour over Chex mix and stir! Bake at 250 for about an hour and a half stirring occasionally.

Next let cool and ENJOY! I promise this stuff is AMAZING! There is WAY too much for the hubs and me so I usually take one pan and put it in jars to give out for Christmas! I have no idea why we call it Trash... but we do! It might be because it's fun to say you're eating Trash! People really look at you like you're nuts then!

Ok so it hit me today... only 5 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! Good thing I only have 2 more presents to buy! I still have to wrap everything but I can do it! I hope?!?!?!?! How is y'alls Christmas shopping and wrapping shaping up?!?!

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