Friday, June 24, 2011

Food, and the Garden District, and Plantations OH MY!

Wednesday I showed you What I Wore.
Yesterday I showed you around the Big Easy.
How about some food and HUGE houses?

Where to eat?
These are my TOP places to eat at!
(Listen to me! I sound like I know the best of everything in New Orleans... I've only been there once and I'm a know it all! Haha... Okay but REALLY these two places we ate are TO-DIE-FOR-AMAZING!)

First Up? Stanley's

(Side restaurant where you can wait to be seated...)

We recommend? The Omelet Sandwich!

He recommends? The Spiced pickled green beans that come in... (see below)
Her recommendation? The Bloody Mary...

Mmmmm the PERFECT lunch!
P.S. Marion Barber works there... Really! Okay JUST kidding... Inside joke...

For dinner?
Deanie's Seafood

Such a cute restaurant too!

Must eats: Crab Claws or Oysters for an appetizer.
For dinner? The Pick 3 Combo platter is AMAZING! and HUGE!!!!

The Garden District

The houses in the Garden District are GINORMOUS!

Way to cute trolley cart!


Ummmm they gave MANSIONS for wedding gifts?

Beautiful Lillies!

Just look at all that Spanish Moss!

I'll be linking to some of *THESE* great parties!


  1. I totally need to go to New Orleans. What a beautiful city. And now I'm SO HUNGRY!

  2. Looks like you are enjoying some fabulous food! Love your pics...they are beautiful!

  3. new follower... you were recommended by Amy over at

    if you have time, check out my blog....


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