Thursday, June 23, 2011

Out and about in New Orleans

Yesterday I showed you what I wore around the Big Easy...

 Now let's see some
Architecture and Cemeteries

The Architecture in New Orleans is sooooo beautiful!

I took about 5,785,621 pictures of doors... I L-O-V-E them...

LOVE me some vintage corbels!

The OLDEST continually run bar in the U.S.

Blacksmith Lafitte himself!

The Cemeteries are BEAUTIFUL...
(You may think I'm completely nuts but it's okay.. Take a look and you might change your mind!)

Nick Cage owns this bad boy and wants to be buried here... Even though he gets COMPLETELY wasted in New Orleans, makes a fool of himself and gets arrested... I guess they'll let him be buried here?!

Easy Rider anyone?

Awesome! Their cemeteries are FILLED with history!

Tomorrow?!?! It's going to be all about where to eat, the garden district and plantations!

I'll be linking up to *THESE* awesome parties!


  1. haha! I'm so glad I'm not alone! These pictures are amazing. I want to go!!

  2. I have a passion for taking in old cemeteries. I have not been to New Orleans, but I want to be able to visit there one day. Loved all your photos.

    Happy VTT!

  3. awesome pics!! looks like so much fun

  4. You really had a field day after seeing all these interesting places in New Orleans.

  5. I love N.O., and totally agree with you about how amazing the cemeteries are. The homes in the French Quarter are absolutely gorgeous, too. I noticed that you live in East Texas....I do too! You should totally shoot me an email!


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