Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Coverage!

Did and of you wake up early to watch the Royal Wedding?! Nope not me... Yes while I was getting ready for work I did watch the replay... After seeing the blushing bride's dress an image flashed before me...

Do you see what I see?! Do you see the resembelance?

How about now? Do you see how Kate (You like that? We're on a first name basis) resembles Grace Kelly?!

That's ALL the wedding coverage you're gonna get from me! Next up?! Friday Eye Candy!


  1. Thats exactly what my mom and grandma said! Haha :) I almost woke up at 3 a.m. but decided it wasn't quite worth it lol :)

  2. I got up for the coverage here at 6AM. Here's my take on the wedding. I'm a little wedding'd out now - I can only imagine how the guests and bride/groom are doing as it's 1AM where they are on their wedding night. I hear Harry isn't going to let anyone go to bed until after the bacon sandwiches he ordered are eaten at 6AM! LOL

    More Than A Mom

  3. I only caught the re-run, but I love London, so had to watch, because it's so fun to see a place you've been to. And yes, very much like Grace Kelly! Found you on Sassy Sites:)


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