Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm weird. Admittedly.
 I will dig through PILES of change for $2 worth of coins that "mean" something to me.
I've worked with money since I got my first job. I worked in the resteraunt industry forever!
I was a hostest {with the mostest}, a server, a bartender, a cocktail waitress, a carhop. Anything that delt with money in the resteraunt industry, I've done it.

 In turn this has made me quirky when it comes to money.
{I can't stand it when my cash is not bank faced! It drives me bannana sadwich that G doesn't do it with his moolah! Some things I guess you just can't change... haha change, get it? Uh nevermind...}

While I was working as a carhop at Chicken Express {BEST SWEET TEA IN THE WORLD FYI} my boss taught me about money. Before then I had never really noticed "wheat backs" or "drummer boys" or real siver coins. Now I will dig through change for hours on end searching for these things.

Case and point:

Yes after a 1 Gallon glass jar FULL of coins I found
$2.50 worth of "drummer boys" {Bisentential Quarters}
and 3 "wheat back" pennies

Wow I am truely a dweeb! What are your quirky habits? Do you dig through piles of coins? Please tell me I'm not the only dork out there. If not coins do you collect something else that you think will one day be worth something?

In other news I'm working on fixing this:

 Tutorial tomorrow on how to fix what your dogs have torn up!


  1. Goodness me that's quite a torn up bit of trim ya got there :0)

  2. I used to search through my coinage for wheat pennies but now that I used my bank card every where I go, it seems I never have any cash money to look through anymore. :(


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