Thursday, February 10, 2011

Living Room Makeover!

  Remember when I told y'all in {this} post about how I was feeling overwhelmed by all of the beautiful homes out there in blogland?!?! There were soooo many great ideas out there that I just wanted to live in each of y'alls homes! I didn't want to re-do mine I just wanted to pack on up and move in with y'all! Haha. Okay NOT really. But I did want to create a more mature home for G and I.

The teal walls and records weren't exactly feeling very grown up.

{Best picture I had of the records on the wall. Excuse the "fish" face!}

{My craft corner before}

So we got to prepping and painting...

And now we have our new living room!

I hung up my {chicken wire window to picture frame} as the new focal point! G got our new trunk coffe table for FREE from a lady he works with! I also painted my black hutch white!

We hung old family photos on the record wall! We still have a ton of space for more!
{Hint hint wink wink family!}

And now my craft corner is more suitable for living room storage! I still need to figure out what I want to replace the Chevelle sign with...

One more look at the before and afters!

There is still work to be done like hanging curtains and touch up paint but I think it's a heck of a lot better! What do y'all think?? Any suggestions? Anything y'all would have done differently?

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