Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be honest... but be gentle...

I think I'm ready. Think being the key word here. I love my new blog design from Miss Paige! I still feel like my blog is missing something though. I stumbled across this post at Meridian Road and decided to make a go for it. 

Beauty in the Attempt is doing a blog hop where bloggers can link up and see what other bloggers do and can receive CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms :-)

So please be honest. Tell me what you think. What are my faults? Pictures? Writing? Where do I need to improve? What are my strengths? Layout? Links? What areas do you find that I'm doin' good? Please be gentle. Tell me what you think but do it nicely... I cry easily. Okay not REALLY but I do get VERY defensive :-)

Thank you in advance! Can't wait to hear what you all think!!!


  1. Hello!! Popping in from the blog hop :0) I really love the colors of your blog. Soooo soothing. And your signature and sidebar titles are adorable. It really gives it a nice personal touch. Just perfect! My only suggestion would be to use slightly larger pictures in each of your posts. Everyone LOVES a good photo :0)

  2. Hi Brooke!
    popping in via the blog hop! honestly, don't see a thing i'd change! ;) great job! {new follower!}
    hope to see ya around my random neighborhood sometime! :)
    many blessings,

  3. Good for you for asking people that question! I could never ask people to be honest with me because I would probably cry a lot. Shallow and happy =) Very cute blog, I like it!


  4. Hi Brooke! Coming in from the blog hop!
    What a beautiful blog you have! Great color scheme, great layout. It is simple, clean and free of clutter. I like that!
    The only thing - and it's so minor - that I noticed is the tabs under the header are not centered - and the only reason I even noticed it is because - like you - I had a blog redesign done in the past 6 months or so - and it took forever to get that right! I'm one of those people though that notices crooked pics on the wall!!
    Anywho - I think it's a beautiful blog and you are doing a great job. Nothing to be afraid of 'cause there's nothing bad to say!
    Keep up the good work :)

  5. I couldn't say anything negative.... On the positive side your writing skills are very good.... I enjoy reading your blog. (And I don't even care about crafts that much,,,,,but you knew that.. Maybe I'm prejudiced ?????? Nawww.

  6. Brooke-Your blog looks great. I love your title and your header.I also love the colors. Great job having your about me (with pic) up top to greet your visitors when they walk in the door. I've been recommending to everyone to have their links open in a new window, and to download windows live writer. If you dl WLR, you won't have to worry about the links, it does it for you.
    great blog, great content, super layout!
    thanks for linking to our blog hop!

  7. Well your little blog is the most perfect little corner. I think you have all the loveliness down to a tee. I love the colors and the composition. My only gentle suggestion is to have some labels on your side car so anyone who pops into your world can easily scan everything you have to offer. For me...I immediately want to see a pic of the master bedroom. I think I need to do a post on this. Anywho...I love labels and their convenience when I am blog hopping around. Other than that...I truly love what you have going on here. It is unique and adorable all rolled into one.

    Thrilled that you joined the hop and I hope I see more of you in my corner of blog land.



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