Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 So you know how I told you HERE that there's big changes coming? HERE I told you the hubs and I are going through a bunch of our stuff. Last night hubs and I decided to go through our storage boxes...

G says that I'm not "sacrificing" enough for our move, he says I'm not getting rid of enough stuff. He has no idea, I guess he can't see all of the BIG BLACK TRASH BAGS FULL of TRASH throughout the house... All filled with stuff that I'm sacrificing! I guess he can't see the boxes and boxes of stuff for our garage sale either... But now he's just being CRAZY!

Last night he pulled out 4 storage tubs of ,yes, my stuff. My grade school memorabilia that my mom has collected for me over the years. Cards and coloring books, school pictures and grades for each year, and even some old homework and assignments. He told me to get rid of my stuff...

"The Scary House"
and the REALLY scary cat? Haha

I learned how drugs can be harmful at a very young age.

Even as a youngster I knew that "interior design" barbie must match her surroundings...

Virtual high five to the person who can find me in my second grade class photo!

How can he think that I'm going to get rid of this stuff?!?!? It's memories! 13 years of school memories folks... you can't replace this stuff... So what do I do? Get a REALLY BIG box and put 4 storage tubs of stuff into 1 box... That's ingenuity!

Come PARTY with me!

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