Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pinterest to Life {Jewelry Tray/ Cupcake Stand}

How was y'alls 3 day weekend? I had a GREAT weekend! Saturday I crafted with mom, Sunday went to my aunts and visited with my cousins, aunt, dad, and step-mom. Monday... I vegged out in this AWESOME weather!
How ironic that this was the "last weekend of summer" and the weather took a turn for cool? I'm in love people! In LOVE with this weather!

Anywho... How about a
Project that is NOT an outfit?!?

Well Mom found THIS cute pin. And I had THIS pin.

So while Mom was out at the local thrift shops she found some really cute plates, saucers, and candle sticks.

We busted out the glass glue and got to work.

Centered the candle stick onto the bottom plate.

Then glued around the other end of the candle stick and placed the saucer on top of that.

Jewelry Holder? Cupcake holder? The possibilities are endless!

I'll be linking up HERE! Come join me!

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