Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Truth About My Husband...

This guy cracks me up. ^^^

Last night we were cleaning out the closet and going through our dressers getting rid of a BUNCH of stuff...
In one of his dressers is a tiny drawer only about 2 inches tall. Let me tell you though... he sure knows how to cram junk in there.

G likes to open e-v-e-r-y  s-i-n-g-l-e piece of paper that he hasn't looked at in OVER a YEAR to make sure it's nothing important.

Welllll let's just say I'm a bit quicker at it than he is. So I would grab about 15 pieces of paper scan through them and could tell they weren't important. So I would shred them and throw them (trying to make it into the trash can and failing. So he would have to bend over and pick them up. Evil I know... You know he loves me when he puts up with this on a regular basis.)

It was one of these times, when he was picking up shredded pieces of paper that I learned about my husband. Our Convo went something like this...

G: Oh no! Oh nononononono!
Me: What?
G: What have you done?
Me: What?!?!?!
G: I can't read this now!
Me: Yea no joke, it was a bunch of random letters and numbers. So what?
G: How am I ever going to get into the Database now?!
Me: What? What database?
G: Honey, I think it's time I come clean.
Me: {sitting there with a confused bewildered look on my face}
G: I've been lying to you... I don't work for an auto parts store. I am a CIA operative. And you just tore up my pass code to get into the database. How am I ever going to explain to them that YOU got a hold of my password and TORE IT UP?
Me: {Bewildered.... and then I BUST OUT LAUGHING}

Yup this is what I live with... Hey, someone that you can still laugh this hard at {I mean with} HAS to be your best friend. HAS to be the person you are meant to spend eternity with...

I love you! GGC, My CIA Operative...

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  1. your post is VERY sweet...and FUNNY!! my husband has probably 5 or 6 LARGE plastic containers full of paperwork/old mail, that he "MUST go through"...it frustrates me to no avail!!! but you're totally right, without laughter, marriage is going to be a BUMPY ride :)


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