Monday, August 29, 2011

Fabric Flower Bouquet

Yes I'm alive and still kickin'! Sorry I missed y'all last week. I decided to take a step back from the blog and focus on Sign Me Up. It was exactly what I needed to do. I took a step back focused on the shop and found my creativity again.

Not only that but I kinda figured out a couple of things I want to do around the blog. BIG changes are coming people! BIG BIG BIG! Get ready.

Anyways... On to today's little crafty post!
Remember when I posted at Momma Hen's place like FOREVER ago? Yea just realized I never shared what I made here! So here it is.

A Fabric Flower Bouquet!

First gather all your scrap fabric.
Next cut strips of fabric about 1.5 inches x 44 inches (44-45 inches is the standard width for most fabrics)

(I folded mine over a bunch of times so I wouldn't have to make such long cuts.)

Next (on one side of the fabric) sew a line. You can use your sewing machine or a needle and thread.
I just used a needle and tread. Simply tie a not in on one end of the thread and stitch back and forth along one edge while slightly gathering the fabric onto the thread.

You will end up with ruffles that look like this.

Now turn on that glue gun! Once it's heated add some glue to the end of a dowel rod.
(I got a package of 20 or so dowel rods at Hobby Lobby for around $1)

Starting at one end of your fabric wrap the fabric around the dowel rod gluing ever so often.

You will end up with a rose looking fabric flower like above!

Keep going until you have your desired bouquet! I know just the place I want to put these too! I'll be giving a tutorial on Tuesday as to where my bouquet's are going!

I'll be linking up to some of THESE awesome parties!

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