Monday, August 15, 2011

What can we learn from Facebook?

What can we learn from Facebook?

We can learn A TON! Especially with the new "you know you're from <blank> when..." groups that keep popping up...

"Maybe Cooter Barnett??? For some reason I'm thinking she had crazy hair and laughed a lot!"

"Cooter gave me anesthetic when I was giving birth 3 times loved her!! Sheirly I. was one of Dr. Rhoades nurse' s Joyce H. and Bettye O.'s mother was one (just can't remember her name)..."

"Time to get into this. I remember "Cotter" Barnett. She gave me anesthetic twice. Once in 1956 for tonsil operation. Told me I would see Pink Rabbits. Never saw them. Then in 1968, for my knee operation. Told her I was mad that I never saw those pink rabbits. She told me (at age 18) this time I would see Playboy Bunnies. I told her to "FILL ME UP!" Still did not see them bunnies."

All of these are stories are about my great-grandmother found on a page from a town she lived in...

Good lord I miss her. I'm happy to know that other people have such fond memories of her as well.

I will never stop learning from you Cooter. Ever.

To read more about my AMAZING great-grandmother
& our trip to her home town HERE

I'll be linking up HERE.

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