Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chalkboard Craze!!!

Yes I have jumped on the band wagon! I love Chalkboards!!! I've seen them all over the blogersphere (Is that even a word? I think not...Whatev!) So when mom came down for the antique car parade, sidewalk sales, and swap meet! (Yes it was a big weekend in our little town!) I found this beauty!

I loved the picture and the frame... but I didn't love them together. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

Insert chalkboard paint!!!

I took apart the frame and removed the picture... Then I added a couple coats of paint and it looked like this:

I wanted to change the color of the frame too so that it wasn't brown on black. So I took that baby outside and sprayed it ivory.

I love how it turned out! I didn't even have to bust out the sander to antique it!

I'm sooo happy with the overall project!  I think I know just where to put it but I can't show you that yet because it goes with my Christmas decor! And that's next weeks posts!


  1. I love it too! You are getting so creative, you did not get that gene from me.

  2. It's all about how I'm nesting.... and I DID get that gene from you!

  3. I love it too. I have been doing chalk board myself. Antique frames and masinite. Also, cabnet doors of all sizes. The outside gets a color and the middle gets chalk paint. Wire on the back to hang on a screw or nail in the stud.

    Come visit

  4. Cindy,

    I was trying to go look at your site and it kept telling me that it is not available because it's prive... do I have te right site?

  5. Hi Cindy! Welcome to Chalkboard World! lol! Yup, chalkboards ARE the rage right now! I just posted on my chalkboard project. They make chalkboard spray paint, too - which is what I used on mine. Gotta love it!!!!! Great job and you're going to have so much fun with it! :)
    Happy WW!

    xoxo laurie


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