Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I've been doin' lately!

Two Post in One Day?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! LUCKY YOU!

Here are some things I've been up to the past couple weeks!

Took a wreath the dogs got a hold of...

Added flowers and ribbon! Ta-da!

Took a little blue chair...

and made it RED! (Can you tell I like red?)

I put these wall stickers up when we first moved in... The dogs saw fit to take them down... 
I used the one I had left to make a stencil...
And painted them on! Take that down pooches!
Re-covered a $5 chair!
And turned this...
into this! I love the rosette!

In honor of Veterans Day there are a few I would like to thank!

C.B. Nurse-WW II

A.C. Navy-WW II

J.P. Army-Current

W.B. Army-Korea

W.M. Army-Current

Thank you to ALL of our service men and women... Past, present, and future! My God keep you all safe!

Father, he is a courageous warrior.
Our country depends on him for protection.
He prepares himself daily to defend us.
Please bless this soldier, your man.

His resolve is strong.
Weapons of war close at hand.
He is ready at a moments notice,
To defend and protect his land.

Lord, give this soldier your wisdom.
Breathe your Living Word into his spirit.
As he faces the enemy, may he have the faith of David,
While standing before Goliath: convinced of your rescue.

May this mighty man, take a solid stand.
May he know that you are by his side.
May he know that you are pleased.
May he know that you made him for this moment in time.

Father, protect him from all evil, as he valiantly fights.
And fight he will, whether at home or on the front line.
He joins all other fighting men, every one doing his duty.
Pulling together, with many skills, yet as one; guarding us from harm.

Lord, as he walks through all his days,
Bring to his mind those who pray for his safety, without ceasing.
Family and friends, who personally know and love him.
As well as those who only know he is their brother in Christ.

May Your Name be honored by this soldier, your loving son.
May he Worship you with a joyful heart and an exuberant spirit.
May he praise you before all men; unashamed, with confidence.
May he Glorify you; his salvation, his protection, his Father, his friend.

                                                               June Frederick


  1. I am so thankful you honored everyone, you forgot your Uncle though LOL. Thank you for keeping the progress on the house updated, you have done a wonderful job!!!!

  2. I featured you over at Sassy Sites Trash to Treasure TUESDAY! Come by and check it out... don't forget to grab a featured button! :) Great job on the transformation!

    -marni @ Sassy Sites! xoxo


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