Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Home Now!

 First off I would like to say thank you to all of our friends and family who helped us work on the house! It took A LOT of work to turn it into what it looks like now! I can only show you the kitchen and living room currently! It looks like a craft store exploded in my dining room right now since I'm working on my Christmas crafts! Enjoy!
Couple of things... Yes those are CLEAN dishes and NO I do not have a dishwasher...

My Craft Corner
One of my favorite walls in the house!

There are still a ton of things that I would like to do to the house!
  • Paint the teal walls red
  • Re-do the counter tops in the kitchen
  • Touch up paint around the house
  • Finish our sun room (there's a reason yall haven't seen that yet!)
  • Put up curtains (those will be in a later post! I'm working on drop cloth curtains!)
  • Finish the computer room (possibly turn my craft corner into a whole room! Mmmmmm)
Over all I love out little place! It still needs a bit of work but slowly we're turning it into our home!


  1. Wow, Brooke! Can you come over and work on my house??? Everything you do looks so professional! You know, there are a lot of ladies nowadays who turn their hobbies into paying jobs. You could make money at this, easy!

  2. Thanks Amy! I would love to come up your way and spend a weekend doing a little revamp! Lol. I would love to turn this into a full time job! I used to work as an interior designer for a custom home builder and LOVED it! But in this econmy I'm stuck selling cell phones! Once the houseing market starts moving up again I would love to get back into it! It was such a joy! I actually liked getting up and going to work everyday! Anyways... Thanks for the support!!! Love yall!

  3. so clean and fresh! Thanks for your input~


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