Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Eye Candy {13- Office Space}

Have you seen my stapler?

Haha LOVE that movie!!! If you haven't seen it go rent it and watch it this weekend! It's amazing!

But really... have you seen my stapler?

I don't think I can find it in this chaos!

Remember in THIS post where I said I was going to organize my office, redecorate it, make it beautiful?!?!
Well........... life got in the way and it hasn't happened, yet. {Yet being the operative word here} 

Now my dining room table has become the landing ground for my SIGNS.

So this is weekend I'm going to completely re-do this room. Make it a place that's alllllllllllll miiiiiinnnnnneeeeee!

The only problem? I don't know what I want!
What color scheme do I want to go with???

So tell me what you think! What would you choose? I need advice from my peeps...
And remember I'm going to be using THIS as my desk. And I have some other vintage finds that I'll be hanging up.

Here's some offices that I LOVE!

Tell me... what would you do?!?!


  1. I think you should go with this one: along with lots and lots and lots of white!!

  2. My vote is for the succulent.. Although, the midwestern would be lots of fun!


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