Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I got a funny story for ya...

In January of this year my Great grandmother would have turned 100.

She was a wonderful woman. I strive to be just like her. So kind hearted and laid back.

I love her and miss her dearly.

She was also a bit CooCoo...
{Haha CooCoo... okay that was a joke for family}

Not certifiable loony bin crazy but kinda on the quirky side.

She had GREEN lipstick that would turn pink once applied!
She was missing a toe and told me once that it just fell off one day.
She told me that ocean water and ice cream can cure everything.
{And in my childhood summers those two sure did a lot of healing}

She also would take long walks on the beach outside of our beach house.

And once upon a time she found a stick on one of those walks.

Not a beautiful piece of driftwood but a stick.

Cooter saw the beauty in it.
She loved that stick so much she hung it up.

When we lost Cooter all of us girls were fighting over that da*n stick.
We didn't want to share it. So only one of us got it...
{Lucky dog Aunt M... I will get the stick one day}

While I was browsing the blogosphere one day I stumbled upon a lovely little blog with beachy flair called

When all of a sudden, something caught my eye.

This lovely Driftwood necklace.

My wheels were spinning! All of us girls MUST HAVE ONE OF THOSE NECKLACES!!!!

And we are all lucky enough to have an awesome "sponsor" who was gracious enough to get each of us this beauty.

So on our trip to Shamrock
We girls all received our Simple Daisy Necklaces.
Some of us even cried when we got them...

And we all rocked them during the St. Patty's Day Parade!

Now we all have a piece of driftwood...

I want to say a special thank you to Heather from Simple Daisy for taking the time and making each of these necklaces! THANK YOU!
Simple Daisy also has some other amazing jewelry! Be sure to check her out!

And Heather also has a fun blog!
{That I stalk regularly ;-) }

Once again. Thank you Thank you Thank you to Heather! and THANK YOU to our AWESOME "Sponsor"!!!!!!!!!


  1. You just made my day:)
    I am so honored and happy!!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to make your pretty little necklaces!!

  2. I love you bunches. Quit making me cry!!! Beinning to act like your mother! Next-tears for Hallmark commercials.

  3. What a wonderful story about your grandma. That is so cute that you now have those necklaces. I am loving your blog:)


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