Thursday, March 3, 2011

Problem Solving 101

This is what we store our dog food in.

The hubs doesn't tell me we need food until it looks like this...

We have been going back and forth for MONTHS!
I'll ask him a MILLION times to tell me when the dog food is getting low so while I'm grocery shopping I can get some more. (He feeds the dogs so he knows how much food is left in the tub... I know when I'm heading out the door I could look myself and see if we need more dog food... BUT I think since this is his ONE grocery item to keep track of he should tell me.) He can't seem to "eyeball" when they are about to be out of food. So since he seems to need a visual aide and the food tub was already empty I gave him a guide line...

Now hopefully we can keep our crazy dogs happy...

So that they don't resort to this again...


  1. now, that , is funny! I'm sure he wont think the same. But, funny none the less.

  2. I do the same to Corey since I am not supposed to lift over about 20 lbs, we like the 44 lb bag I can't lift! I call him the DAY that there is NONE left... hehe Ohh and TnT ate a ham sandwich last time they ran out :)

  3. Ohh yes, and I love that sweet Deuce's nose is in the pic of the empty dog food bin :)

  4. Haha Sometimes they eat bread... or left overs... depends on what we ate for dinner! Yes Deuce was depressed that there was no food... She dug out the 3 little pieces that were stuck in the handle!

  5. Your solution is absolutely hilarious :0) We have the same issue in our house. And somehow Justin forgets to tell me everytime and the pups end up with rice and hot dogs for dinner again hahaha

  6. Love it. I am sure the dogs don't starve though.


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