Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Eye Candy

Happy Friday!

So I'm thinking of starting up a weekly tradition. On Friday's I'm going to show you some

Some things I've found while browsing the web. Cute stuff that you can drool over...

How cute is this retro apron?!?! I could totally be Betty Crocker in this!

I can't wait for kids so that I can dress them up! {Day dreaming of tiny feet running around!}

I L-O-V-E statement jewelry! This is a MUST HAVE!

And how about these super cute earrings? I love anything that has polka dots!

I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!


  1. Wow, I totally want that apron. I have been loving on vintage inspired aprons for a while now but never remember to actually purchase one lol

  2. That apron is adorable. I'd want to wear it outta the house!


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