Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting my Counter Tops: Day 1

I don't know if any have you have ever noticed or not when I've showed pictures of my kitchen... but my counter tops are 3 shades of ugly...

No they don't match... there is THREE different types of laminate in here?!?!
So I'm gonna remedy this problem!

Step One: Remove EVERYTHING off the counter tops
Step Two: Clean them REALLY well! {I used Mrs. Meyers in Lemon Verbena- it smells D-E-V-I-N-E}

Step Three: Now this is debatable... See when we moved here I HATED the counter tops. So I painted the parts of them {see picture above left side} to see how it would hold up. Well we've been here for 2 years and the paint is still holding up. So step three COULD be to prime your counter tops but I'm skipping step three.

Step Four: Tape off your counters, and sink. Once again I kinda skimped on this. Since I'm using the same base color as my walls I only had to tape of the sink!

Step Five: Bust out the paint and get to painting. The base coat I'm using is the same color as my walls. {Which is good ol' fashioned Wal-Mart paint! Color: Cottonwood}

I painted two coats {letting them dry in between}

Already looking better and right now it's just beige and boring! Let it dry over night!

Tomorrow these bad boys come out to play!


  1. I'm curious to see how it's going to come out.

  2. eeeeehhh! I don't want to wait until tomorrow!

  3. I'm one of your very random followers because of your fun ideas! Thanks!
    I think you should check out what this gal did to her countertops! Looks gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Hiller Family! I would have never thought of spray paint with stone! Awesome idea!!!


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