Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This post is not for the faint of heart...

The following post may disgust you! It may embarrass you to know me! Or we could all become closer because I'm being honest :-)
(P.S. Welcome to all of my new followers!!! Please don't be scared off yet!)

The following is pictures of my house RIGHT now...


Dining Room

Guest Bathroom

Not too bad right?
Well let's see what's behind door number 1!

"linen" closet

Want to know why you've never seen the computer room?

Yeah, Mr. G says this is his "shed"... Not anymore sucka!

Master Bedroom

(My Side) Okay I won't lie... I moved my tea glass from the night before :-)

(His Side)


I know! Gross right?!?! Okay so it's not dirty... There's just crapola EVERYWHERE! It's quite a hot mess right now! This is what happens when you start to clean and all you really do is systematically move things out of sight... (from guest anyway) You don't actually put them where they go! So what is my New Years Resolution? Clean and organize my ENTIRE home (in 21 days to be exact)! How am I going to do that?!?! With the help of A Bowl Full of Lemons! Yup I'm taking the plunge! Wish me luck!!! Lord knows I need it!


  1. Your pictures just want to make me come over to your house and organize! Thanks for joining my challenge. I cant wait to get started. :)

    Hugs, Toni

  2. O please do! I won't deny you the pleasure! :-)

  3. Oh...maybe I need to, too. A new year seems like the best time for it. I love to organize but keeping it organized is where I excuse except laziness!

  4. Hahaha I love this! I always wonder what certain bloggers homes look like when they're not taking pictures. :) You should've seen the "office" in our home a month ago! You couldn't even walk in it! You can now, but barely. It's in serious need to some reorganizing! Good luck on your challenge!! :)

  5. Thanks Jamie! I keep going back and looking at my post thinking "Why did I just put that out there for all the world to see?!?!?!" O well because in about 30 days it's not going to look like that anymore! Hahahaha

  6. Will enjoy following your progress. Wish I could do it with you!


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