Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Years Day Tradition

Sadly I can't show you all what I've been working on because one of my readers is getting it for CHRISTMAS!!!  :-(  I appreciate that my family supports my blog but sometimes it stinks because I want to show you all my wonderful crafts... Sooooooooo today I will share with you the hubs and my New Years Day holiday tradition!

Okay so last year was our FIRST year doing this but whatev! It's a new tradition... that we're sticking too!

So last year on New Years Day we got up kinda early (like 8 or 9) WHAT?!?!?! THAT'S EARLY FOR A 20 SOMETHING!

Anyways.... We filled up the car with gas and got to driving! We had no destination in mind! We just got in and took off east! I wanted to see the mountains! So we hopped on I-30 and headed to Arkansas! Well since I had never been to Arkansas before and I thought that since their slogan is "The Natural State"  once we crossed the border it would be like


Well.... That's not the case... So we kept driving a little further... and a little further... and a little further... I kept saying "okay just over this hill we'll see mountains." or "Just around this curve and we'll see them" Yeah... Didn't happen. So Mr. G got the BRIGHT idea "Let's go to Louisiana!" So what do we do? We turn south! Onto some little 2 lane highway that took us to Louisiana. And guess what?!?!

It was a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l drive! We came through a bunch of cute towns that were not "interstate highway" towns with Wal-Mart's and Target's and Applebee's and T.G.I.F's... They were quaint towns with mom and pop shops and bakeries! Just what I LOVE! So here are some pics from our drive.

{isn't it beautiful?}

{this WAS a road... it's not a lake or pond}

 {The picture does not do this sunset justice}

This was our drive. Over 500 Miles and 3 States! In ONE day! We had a great time! I don't think we listened to the radio once during that drive. We talked, re-connected, laughed, reminisced, and had fun. This year we plan to do it again! Do we know where we will end up? No. Will we find cute towns and two lane highways to travel? Absolutely. Will we fall in love all over again as we discover new places together? Without a doubt...

This year start a new family tradition! Fill up the car with gas and go! You never know what you may find!


  1. Fun idea! Well, except for the mushy-falling-in-love-again stuff! lol
    GO WEST!

  2. Thanks SK! We like heading East! Too many big cities out west! And I like the mushy-falling-in-love-all-over-again stuff! It's TRUE! Lol

  3. Neat destination for a probable 2 day trip could be Mountain Home Arkansas through Fort Smith then Clarksville then north on 21/16 to Edwards Junction, and Deer--then north on 7 to Jasper (eat at the Ozark Cafe,,,,slow but really good) then on to South Lead Hill....just a mile or so past S. Lead Hill, turn southeast on 14 to Yellvile and then east on 62 to Mountain Home. Great areas, mountains (though not great high mountains like Colorado)..... then find your own way home. Merry Christmas.


  4. I knew I could ask you where to find the beautiful drives Pa! Love you and have a merry christmas!


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