Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First of the Month Feature!!!

Today is the first of the month! On the first of the month my lovely aunt is going to do a feature! Here is a little bio on her!

"HI! I am Brooke's Aunt Sarah. I am a working mom with two handsome blue-eyed boys. When I am not running around behind the kiddos, or the hubs, I can usually be found at my crafting table.  Brooke has so kindly asked me to do a feature on the first of each the month. I hope you enjoy this months project!"

(Sarah and C!)

This month's Project is a homemade To-Do List!

gather supplies:
glue stick
self-healing mat
perforator(Stampin' Up!)
printed packing tape (Michael's)
rub-on alphabet (Hit N Miss-Little Black Dress)
paper (Vintage Graph- The Paper Studio)

 Trim paper to desired size- mine is 4 by 6

Measure about 3/4 inch down from top and make a perforated line. This will allow your pages to tear off once your list has been completed.

Glue front of each page up to the perforated line. Leave a little breathing room so your pages will tear off easily (or you can't make a straight line like me :) )
Layer pages as you go.

Adhere tape to top of the stack of papers. Be sure not to cover your perforation! Not only will this help keep you pages together, it looks cute too! Fold tape over the back and trim the sides. 

Insert teething 10month old (hence all the cookie funk he left on my shirt!)
Rub on "To Do" at the top.

Voila! Your tablet is complete!!

Thank you Sarah! I can't wait to see what other sweet surprises you bring us!!! Tomorrow I'll show you my PB knock off!


  1. You two rock!!! Handsome boys. This is so fun.

  2. I hope no one in the family decides to make these :)
    If so, act suprised when you get your stockings... I'm just saying!

  3. HI there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop. Lovely blog:) You can find me at
    Take a peek at my giveaways when you come by. I have 5 going on and everything is handmade and gorgeous!!!


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