Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Banner

Yesterday I showed y'all my no sew curtains! In one of the picutres there was a "Merry" Banner. So today I'm going to show you how to make that banner!

Take some scrap paper (It's the same paper I used for my magnet project)

Turn on that FABULOUS Cricut and type in the word or saying that you want on your banner!

Next I took out my burlap and cut a strip about 6 inches tall.

Then I cut the stip into  rectangles about 4 inches wide. (Instead of measuring out every 4 inches I cut my fisrt piece and then layered it on top of my strip to figure out where to cut the next one.)

I ended up with five 4 x 6 rectangles! I frayed the edges a bit by pulling out a couple threads all the way around.

Then I used double sided scrapbook adhesives to adhear my letters to each piece of burlap.

Next I wanted to run ribbon through each letter. So I took my scissors and pushed them through the burlap in the top left and top right corners. (about 1/2 and inch in) 

Now you have a hole to thread some ribbon through!

 I hung it in my kitchen window! Now maybe I'll remember to be merry while stuck doing the dishes! :-)

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