Friday, December 3, 2010


Happy FRIDAY!!!
Since I got my birthday present early this year and I think I've figured out how to use it now I'm ready for a Cricut craft! I knew just what I wanted to do to! My fridge was looking less than festive and it was time to change that!

So I busted out my wonderful gift, some scrapbook paper, and some magnets I had left over from stocking stuffers from last year and got to work!

I used the Designers Calendar cartridge, turned on script shadow and typed in my word. Pressed cut and my Cricut went to work!

  After I cut out my word I attached some magnets to the back of each letter...

then stuck them to the fridge and Voila! New festive magnets!

Much more festive! Think of all the possibilities!!! You could make any word for any season! You could put them onto card stock individually or all together for one magnet! Oh I'm so excited! Much more to be done with my new Cricut!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See y'all again Monday!!

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