Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kindle (E-Reader) Placemat Cover

I absolutely LOVE my Kindle! I treat it like gold I swear! So I wanted to make a cute cover for it. (I wasn't about to spend $20+ on a cover... so I made one! Now I made this up as I went along so bear with me on the how-to!

First I dug out an old placemat. (I've had these RANDOM placemats since high school when I was making placemat purses).

Then I cut it in half. (hamburger style/ width ways)

To clean up that rough hem I folded some ribbon in half and used Unique Stitch (fabric glue) to hold it in place.

Then I folded the placemat in half and used my iron to make a crease. ( I know it's missing the trim on top... Like I said I made this up as I went. Work with me!)

Next I used the Unique Stitch again to glue around the bottom and side! I let it dry for about an hour. (It doesn't take that long to dry BUT I wanted to make sure there would not be ANY wet glue when I put my Kindle in there.)

It looked a little boring to me with just the trim around the top. So I used that same ribbon to make a ruffle rosette and glued that on the top! 

After it was COMPLETELY dried I slid my Kindle in! Perfect fit!!

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  1. I just ran across your site. I'm hoping I get a Kindle for Christmas...if I do, I can not wait to make a cute cover like this!! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!


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