Sunday, January 2, 2011

Organizing: Day 1

I know I'm a little late for day one but here it is! The first day of organizing with A Bowl Full of Lemons was the junk drawer. Everyone has one and here was mine...

Not too bad but I also had a junk basket!
So I followed the organizing guideline and even lined the drawer with contact paper that matched my kitchen!

Mucho better right?!?!?! Well once I got my junk basket all cleaned out I cleaned the counters and got rid of all that junk too!

Ahhhhhhh so nice, clean and clutter free! Here is a reminder of the before.

Once I get the organizing itch I can't stop myself... So I also cleaned out the cabinets above my junk drawer...


And after

I love it!!!
And I also got to work underneath my sink... You know the place. Where all of your kitchen cleaning junk ends up. That deep dark bottomless pit of junk that you hate getting into. Or is that just me?!?!

Yeah nasty right?!?! So I got to cleaning and organizing and this is what I have now!

Much nicer! O and I did the medicine cabinet!

I think the medicine basket was a little full! What do you think?

Here is the after

Ahhh a nice clean organized kitchen!

A Bowl Full of Lemons is really getting me into the groove of things! Y'all should join up too!!! It's never too late to get organized!


  1. Great job on organizing. I had my "get organized resolution" last year and accomplished SO MUCH! It feels so good doesn't it? Here is a site that I think you would love:
    along her sidebar she has TONS of cleaning inspirational posts!

  2. Your spaces look awesome! I spent all weekend organizing, too, and it feels so nice to have the clutter gone. When I open my makeup drawer (the junk drawer I cleaned out) it's so much nicer to see.

  3. MommaHen- Thank you! It feels great! This morning when I got up and walked through my kitchen I smiled!!! Most the time I walk through there thinking "o great look at the mess I have to clean up when I get home" now I was thinking "This is LOVELY! I cna't wait to get home and do more!!!

    Jen- Thank you!Your drawer looks soooo much better! Keep it up! WE will all motivate eachother!!!

  4. It is SO NICE to know you all have clean drawers!!! LOL ;)
    Sarah K

  5. SK- Thanks ma'am! I have clean drawers in more way than one now! Wink wink!

  6. Hey, since you have the organizing itch maybe you'd like to come on over and visit my house! LOL.

    Looks like your doing a wonderful job.

  7. everything looks great! I love your kitchen cabinets :)

  8. it looks great! love your merry garland

  9. Wow! Look at you go. Welcome to the challenge. :)

  10. Doesn't it feel great? Look really nice. I found your blog from A Bowl Full of Lemons. I would love for you to stop by Organizing Mission Monday link party and link up too. Hope to see you there.


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