Monday, January 10, 2011

Organizing: What day am I on?!?!

Here is the day by day schedule from Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons.
Day 5: Under the Kitchen Sink
Day 6: Dresser Drawers
Day 7: The Pantry

I did under the Kitchen Sink on Day 1.
I was planning on doing my dressers yesterday... but it was snowing! It turned out to be a good day to just cuddle up on the couch and watch some T.V. so I took the day off to cuddle. :-) I'm planning on doing my dressers when I get home from work today!
Here is day 7. My Pantry!

Before it was a big jumbled mess!

{Ewww what are those gross stains?!?!}

I took everything out of  my pantry and got to cleaning! I'm starting to use Mrs. Meyers Clean Day! I love this stuff! It smells D-E-V-I-N-E! {Sorry Toni I can't afford Shaklee}

After I SCRUBBED my cabinets I put down more contact paper and this is what I've got!

Much nicer! I cook based on the 5 Meals in 1 Hour plan so it only looks like we don't have a ton of groceries! The meal plan has helped us out tremendously! Y'all should try it! Plus the food is soooo yummy, an added bonus!

I also worked on my spice cabinet!



I put like items with like items... Baking supplies, seasoning's I use regularly, cook books, etc.
Now I can find everything quickly! How is y'alls cleaning and purging coming along?

P.S. G and I have FINALLY decided how we are going to redecorate our living room, dining room, and bedroom! Updates coming soon!!! I can't wait to show you all! I think it's a PERFECT balance for the two of us! Thanks for every one's input! It helped a ton!


  1. VERY VERY NICE.... I believe you can do anything when you decide to do it.

  2. Enjoy your fresh, pretty new space. You did a nice job!


    Getting Into Truffle

  3. Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!


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