Monday, January 3, 2011

Word of the year

I got this idea from Ali Edwards! Here is her description of one little word...
"A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow...I began a tradition of choosing one word for myself each January – a word that I can focus on, mediate on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life...One little word can have big meaning in your life if you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities..."
{Excerpt taken from Ali Edwards 2007}

This year the word 'commit' sort of chose me. As I began thinking about my word, commit kept reappearing. So, I decided to stick with it since I couldn't seem to shake it! I have done this project for the past 3 years and have LOVED it. Previously, I chose the words enrich and nest. Both of which I am still working at. :-)
Here is the accordion album I decided to create to help me stay focused on my OLW. I hope you enjoy!
Gather supplies:
Chipboard Book
Coordinating Paper
Scissors (or paper cutter)

{ Sorry for the sideways pic... Just turn your head :-) }

I have had this album in my stash for YEARS just waiting on the right project. (I have a lot of stuff waiting on the "right" project! Lol)
So, as I dug it out, I decided that since this album is for me and not any of the males in my house, I decided pink was the perfect color. I don't get much of it in my life so I have to fit it in wherever I can! I chose papers and embellishments that were pink, pink and more pink... Or should I say Blush and Bashful?? 
As I got started, I decided to 'commit' to only use the products I pulled already. I did not want to keep going back to my stash. 

 I decided on the papers that I wanted to use, cut them to size,  and placed them where I thought they should be.

Before full sticking down all of your pages, make sure you have a way to close up your album, if it is accordion-style.

I dug through my mounds of pictures and settled on the ones I felt worked. Laid them out then cut them down to size.

I decided to add tags through my album with the definitions of 'commit'. After I got everything written down the tags were too boring! So, out comes the paint! I find it VERY hard to do a project without paint :)  I just used my finger, dipped in paint, and spread some pink- I mean bashful- along the edges. AH! Much better!
While they were drying, I wrote down beside the tags where I wanted them to go... I still have baby-brain a year later- I can't remember squat!

After sticking my photos down I decided to add a few embellishments. Nothing fancy, just a bit to spruce things up. Then I added my tags.


Before I put the paper down for the back of my book I put down a piece of ribbon so that I can fold up the book and tie it closed.

Like this!

Embellish the front (and back if you want). Then stand back and admire your work!!
Throughout the year, I might pop in with some other projects that I have done to help me keep my word alive!
Hope you will find the OLW that fits you at this moment and run with it! Just put down the scissors first! lol

Thank you Sarah K! I love the idea of letting one little word carry you thorough the year! So this year I'm following suit and my word is beginning. I really think that will be a good word for me this year! I can't wait to see what new beginnings come up through 2011!


  1. This is such a neat idea! I chose "one little word" last year, and another word for this year. I really like the concept, and it is so much more effective, because you can apply it a word in so many different ways. It's very balanced. And it sets you up for success, not failure!

  2. I love what you did with your inspiration. Have a great day.

  3. How cute! What a great idea. I could always use a little jolt to help me through the year! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm hosting an "our nest" sign giveaway! Hope you can join!

  4. Hi Brooke, You are so talented! I would like to invite you to link up to my new blog party, Masterpiece Monday, at my blog, Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up until the 9th. I hope you can join in the fun!

    Happy New year!


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