Monday, May 2, 2011

Add a little SUNSHINE!

So did y'all figure out what I did this weekend?!?!

I gave y'all clues HERE and HERE...

Yup you guessed it! I painted my doors!

Last week my door lock broke...
(Wewhoo! Now I can git rid of that awful gold color and have a good reason to buy new door hardware!)

So I figured since the lock is going to be off why not paint the door?!?!
 Two birds, one stone kinda thing right?!

So here's what it used to look like

Exhibit A,B,and C wrong with it...

A. Icky Gross Creepy Spider webs...
B. Live Animal Sticker?! Why don't ask me... Guess you gotta let the fire department know we're in there?!
C. Nasty GOLD hardware. (Okay so it's already taken off but you know what I mean right?)

And now! Ahhhh sooo much better! Okay I still need to do some touch up on the trim but isn't the door like 500 Million times better?!?!

I still think it needs a little something so I'll be whipping up a wreath soon to hang on it. Overall I LOVE IT!
Special Thanks to MommaHen for suggesting yellow!

I also painted my front door!

And '56 was kind enough to pose for a photo op... What a sweetie...

*I'll be linking to some of THESE great parties*


  1. Yellow was a good choice. '56 definately added to the composition of the photograph. Now with the painting of the frame, and a wooden screen doors(I vote for the wooden screen), it will be really spiffy!

  2. Looks so much better, paint always makes a big difference! Thank you for sharing it at Masterpeice Monday. Have great week, Mary :O)


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