Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Have y'all ever heard or watched TLC's new show Extreme Couponing?!?! I watched it for the first time last night...

I must say. I'm ALLLLLLL over a good deal and more power to you if you can save even more with coupons... These people are a different story! They are CRAZY! I mean really! One lady will spend up to 6 hours a DAY clipping coupons... SIX HOURS A DAY!

One family has enough stock-piled to last the family of 7 THREE YEARS! My question is WHY? Why keep going? If you have enough food and other household items to last you THREE YEARS why keep doing it? You're never going to catch up to your stock-pile of groceries.

I'm at a loss... I get my kicks watching my price drop too! BUT DAAAAANNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!
Meanwhile here in Small-Town-USA the grumpy ladies at Brookshire's FORCE me to scan my value card BEFORE they wring up my groceries... I don't even have the pleasure of watching my price drop from my value card... I can only IMAGINE what they would do if I starting clipping coupons...

I'll be linking to some of THESE great parties!


  1. I record that show and I'm like seriously?? What are you going to do with 62 bottles of mustard? Its ridiculous.

  2. Brooke, thank you for stopping by Three Pixie Lane! And, thank you for the kind words about 'Give her a Dream." I love to decorate, but my passion is to reach my childrens hearts...and in a dark world, I have to fight hard to counter what the culture sells! You have encouraged me today! FYI,I write a 'Life Lesson' every Sunday...some about children and some just about life! I am your newest follower, too! BTW, my youngest daughter's name is Brooke Owen! Have a great day! Christie

  3. You are aking me want to check that show out...sounds like the precurser to Hoarders...:)

  4. It is sooo crazy! I follow Jill Cataldo on Facebook. She is from the Illinois suburb area so I have heard her speak, too. From her method, I have saved a ton, and don't spend time on it. I refuse to get crazy with it. I have seen the crazies running around the grocery store.

  5. I tell you there has got to be something shady going on. I mean when I put through a coupon sometimes it beeps and they don't take it but when you watch the show they always take the coupons even when they beep. And why do they have to clean out all of the shelves so when the people who just want 2 or 3 can't get any. It is so frustrating. You know the stuff expires can you go through 150 bottles of pain meds in that time? or 55 bottles of hot sauce? I can't even watch that show without getting angry.

  6. That show is CRAZY! I think having food for 3 years is gross!

  7. If I Could Get 50 Bottles Of FREE Laundry Detergent Or FREE Baby Diapers I would Donate The Excess To A Food Bank. I Find Some Of The Coupon Users On The Show Come Off As VERY VERY GREEDY. But I Did See A Paster And His Wife Go Crazy Couponing And Donate A HUGH Portion To Charity And A Guy Getting Stuff To Send To U.S. Troops. Now If That Was The Main Premise Of The Show ("Charity" And Not "Greed") People Wouldnt Be Thinking Negative Thoughts About Certain Participants.


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