Friday, May 20, 2011

{Re-Post} How far we've come!

This was my very first blog post... Ever.
Since at that point in time I only had like 2 subscribers I decided to do a little re-post!

Monday I'll show you how it looks now since I've changed it again since POST NUMBER 2!
Our little house has come quite a long ways! Check it out!

"So almost two years ago my husband and I moved from Dallas to the piney woods out east! It was my first time moving to the country and I was a little nervous! While looking for a house in my husband's home town we stumbled upon this little cutie! I know I know it looks like a mess in this post but wait till a later post and I'll show you all that we've done to turn our first place into our home!

G giving the thumbs up!

Living Room and Dining Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bath"

Needless to say this baby was a HOT MESS!

P.S. Do I even know what a period is (.)? It seems everything I write has an exclamation point... I guess I'm excited ALL the time! Haha!

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  1. Wow, it looks so much better! You've done a great job with your home! Hey, I love exclamations, too. ;)
    P.s. How long would you like to run this discount for?


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