Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Memory...

Today I was planning on writing about my beach vacation. But while on vacation I got some new...
News that broke my heart. A very dear friend of mine and fellow blogger passed away Sunday evening.

Tori and I have been friends since High School and I can't imagine how this world is going to be without her.
She was such a joy to be around. She lit up the room when she walked in. That girl didn't have a single enemy. She was friends with everyone.

She lived her life the way most of us can only dream. She traveled the world and saw so many things that most of us can only look at through pictures. I have lived vicariously through her since she's been traveling. I'm always on my toes waiting for her to do a blog entry to update us all on what she's been doing over seas.

She's such a beautiful girl and will be missed by so many. I can't even fathom what her family is going through during this trying time. I'm praying for her family. I know how much I miss her and wish she was still here on this earth coming home from Spain in June. Her family must feel that 100-fold.

As I scroll through her Facebook page you can see the love that she showed everyone. Hundreds of friends talking about how great she was and how much she is missed. So many people are talking about how she made an impact on their lives, how she changed them. I know it's all true. She did the same for me.

It's funny the name of her blog is "Learning to Change the World." She didn't have to learn how to do that though. She did it just by being herself. By caring about people the way she did. By ALWAYS being there for you. By ALWAYS having a kind word to say. By ALWAYS standing up for what she believed in and helping others.

Tori you graced this world with your light. You left your footprint on so many of our lives and in our hearts. You will never be forgotten. Hopefully  we can carry on your legacy. I pray that you will live on through all of your friends and family. I know you will live on through me. Through what you taught me, through how you touched my life.

 A light extinguished entirely too early. You are missed Tori.

P.S. You were the best banquet date ever!
<3 You.


  1. I'm so sorry :(
    It's great to see she has lived her life to it's fullest!

  2. Oh my gosh, I don't even know Tori & I am crying! I am so sorry that you have lost such a beautiful young friend. Life doesn't prepare us for such a thing! I can not help but put myself in her parents place & feel their loss & pain! I hope that the Lord can help each & every one of you find Peace! Tori will be paitently waiting at the Golden Gates of Heaven for

    Hugs to you Brooke!
    <3 C.R.

  3. You expressed how we all feel so well. Such a beautiful post! My sweet cousin love everyone and made all of us better people to have known and been loved by her.
    God Bless,
    Jennifer McGee Martin


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