Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Days

or mayday depending on how you look at it...

A bunch of my family has birthdays in either April, May, or June. So instead of everyone having different birthday parties we all get together in May and celebrate!

This past weekend we met at Nana's and had a FEAST!

My "special" Aunt MeeMee wore her best necklace.

My brother Tom and I had a blast making our CREEPY BEAVER FACE!
(My maiden name is Beavers)

And Cakes...

He pondered the finer things in life like cake, religion, science and philosophy... He's the braniac of the bunch...

Overall we had a blast! I miss my family already! Thanks for having us!!!

P.S. Guess who FINALLY made their way on to Pinterest?!?! Yup This gal!
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  1. Shallow end of the gene pool??? Makes you wonder what we use for chlorination.


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